Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky (center), pic’s editor Andrew Weisblum (l.), Toronto-based fashion designer Zuzana Grimm (r.) at last night’s Fox Searchlight party, which was a madhouse.

Tamara Drewe star Gemma Arterton at Sony Classics dinner at Creme Brasserie — Saturday, 9.11, 9:05 pm.

127 Hours star James Franco (l.) at Fox Searchlight party with You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger star Josh Brolin (r.). The general reaction I’ve gotten and shared sicne seweing 127 Hours late yesterday afternoon is that Franco’s performance is indisputably Oscar-worthy, but that the film itself — as high-throttle, vivid, sensuous and intimate as it is every step of the way — doesn’t really touch my idea of a universal chord. It’s very specific and into its own realm, and didn’t strike me as my story or LexG’s or anyone other than Aron Ralston’s. Which is fine — it’s a first-rate film up and down and around the bush — but I’m not persuaded that it’s Best Picture material.

The Conspirator screenwriter James Solomon at last night’s post-screening Conspirator party in Yorkville.

Juliette Lewis at Fox Searchlight party — Saturday, 9.11, 11:35 pm.