“The scariest days of my life are the days that I’m filming…scary because I’m scared of failure. I’m scared I’m not going to satisfy not just myself, but satisfy my film family, my larger family. I want people to like what I do, and I’m scared that I’m going to fail in doing that. So that’s why every morning when I wake up, I’m always bolt upright five minutes before the alarm clock, whether I’ve had one hour’s sleep, two hours, ten hours…I don’t get ten hours’ sleep, my max is about five…I’m always bolt upright in fear, in fear of failure, in fear of not actually making my mark, in fear I haven’t been able to execute what I wanted to do creatively as good as I could have done it. I think it’s healthy to have that fear. I wake up with that same fear whether I’m doing a commercial or whether I’m doing a major movie.” — Tony Scott talking on the Domino DVD commentary track. This is a stunningly honest statement. I don’t know any driven creative person who doesn’t feel more or less the same way. Is the difference between true creative types and people who want to be creative but haven’t quite made it happen..is the difference that the hard-cores are able to handle that waking-up-scared thing each and every morning, and the others can’t? Or does everyone all over the world wake up with the same feeling, no matter what they do?