I’m afraid there’s something I don’t understand, Alexsei. It’s widely believed (though not absolutely dead confirmed) that there was a test screening of Zack Snyder‘s Watchmen last night at the Regal Lloyd Center 10 theater in Portland, Oregon. And yet there are no reader reviews posted at AICN yet. What’s up with that?
Any notepad-and-shoe-leather reporter might regard this silence as an indication that reports of the alleged test screening were incorrect. If the screening happened, though, this is inexcusable fan-boy behavior. How long does it take to sit down and post a quick-draw response? Man up, grim up, turn on the Powerbook, tap something out (but make it thorough) and send it off.
Update: A Portland guy informs that “people seem to have been pre-invited and needed to show up with some sort of document they’d been asked to print out. Plus the local rep who works for the Seattle office of the WB reps and who routinely checks the press into screenings here was working the door. So none of the usual media guys got anywhere near the place, and the theater showing the film was locked down and guarded well before 7pm.”