The last time I saw Ving Rhames on his feet and actually walking was in Pulp Fiction (’94), or a little more than 29 years ago. I’m speaking of the scene in which Rhames’ Marsellus Wallace is walking across a street in some godforsaken L.A. suburb (Hawthorne?) and happens to spot Bruce Willis‘s Butch Coolidge behind the wheel of his shitty car, etc. Two years later Rhames gave his first performance as Luther Stickell in Brian DePalma and Tom Cruise‘s Mission: Impossible (’96), and has been with the franchise ever since.

I’m not saying Rhames hasn’t been been seen on his feet or walking in his other film roles (Dave, Striptease, Con Air, Out of Sight, Entrapment, Bringing Out the Dead, Dawn of the Dead, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry). but I don’t remember any of them. (Sorry.) All I can recall about Rhames is that he’s always sitting on his ass.