I returned to my home last night to suffocating heat and a dead air conditioner. I asked the lady who stayed here and fed my cats during my Telluride-Toronto-NYC travels, and she said the old living-room Fedders (one of those 21″ by 14″ models) gave up the ghost four or five days ago. It didn’t occur to her to alert me. If she had I could have made an appointment last Wednesday or Thursday for a fix-it guy to come today. I made an appointment today and the guy can’t come until Wednesday afternoon. So I’ll be living in a turkish bath until then. Thank you, cat lady!

I’m in hell. I slept on the couch in front of a fan last night, and I barely slept for the heat. I have to buy a new unit. Good wall-mounted air conditioners cost $300 or $400. I’ve been online and on the phone half the morning and into the afternoon about this. I’ve just agreed to buy a Friedrich air conditioner that will fit inside my wall box. I’m buying it from a guy from Anaheim name Ricardo. He’s agreed to me at the Citadel shopping center, three or four miles southeast of downtown, at 4:15 pm.

“Friedrich air conditioners are a superior product built from high grade materials and components that deliver dependable operation for years after the sale. As a leading pioneer in energy efficiency, their partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star program was a natural continuation of their devotion to the development of products that conserve energy and help protect our environment. And, by designing energy efficient products, they help save money on your electric bill.”