Yesterday, from a friend: “Did you read this? The author Dan Mallory (aka A.J. Finn), author of “The Woman in the Window” (the Joe Wright-directed film version is opening on 10.4.19) has been exposed by Ian Parker as a shameless fantasist and sociopath.

“The 20,000-word article goes on and on, but basically Mallory invented two fake ph’ds, fake executive jobs, fake brain cancer, his parents fake death, his brother’s fake suicide plus he scammed the entire NYC publishing industry into buying his first novel, which they promoted to number one on the bestseller list, only to discover that it might be plagiarized.”

HE to friend, sent this morning: “The article is initially fascinating. Then it gradually starts to feel a bit complex, and then labrynthian and exhausting, and then it continues and continues. I’d love to read the shorter version.

“A talented writer, Mallory is a lying, fabricating, fantasizing bullshitter in his personal and business relationships. He’s a relentless spinner of creative tales — a genetic brethren of former TNR writer Stephen Glass or N.Y. Times reporter Jayson Blair. The bullshit climbs, compounds itself, swirls, reaches for the sky. Mallory is Tom Ripley, a smooth criminal, a sociopath extraordinaire.”

Mallory has admitted to the Telegraph‘s Ben Riley-Smith that he’s been bullshitting for 15 years or so, and that he’s been coping with a severe bipolar disorder and so on.