Now I’m told there’s a third Alfred Hitchcock project called Psycho/Analysis, based on a script by Psycho screenwriter Joseph Stefano. Like the Ryan Murphy/Anthony Hopkins Hitchcock project I mentioned this morning, it’s about the making of Psycho — but only as far as the screenplay was concerned.

I’ve flipped through about 20 or 25 pages, and it’s basically Stefano’s first-hand recollection of how Hitchcock came to hire him, how their conversations went as they got into the screenplay, how they came to know each other, etc. It’s not exactly a “movie” — it’s very “industry” but it’s mainly talk. And yet plain-spoken, well-written — a believable slice of adult Hollywood life. I’d pay to see it on stage in a New York minute, or maybe on HBO.

Psycho/Analysis was found in a sealed envelope following Stefano’s death on 8.25.06. It’s being produced by The Edge, the new independent studio formed and run by Jonathan Krane, Beau Rogers (Gods and Monsters) and Echo Bridge, the production company. They were reportedly trying to raise financing for it in Cannes this year.