My 13″ MacBook Pro froze this morning for the first time since I bought it about a year ago. There was nothing to do but to shut it down, and in so doing I lost a fairly good review of The Adjustment Bureau that I’d been writing for nearly three hours. (I’d have been okay if Movable Type 4.0 had an auto-save function.) And then HE crashed again, and the stooges at Softlayer/OrbitThePlanet told me I needed to double the site’s memory again, after doubling it from 2 gigs to 4 gigs on Monday (at their suggestion) after Sunday night’s Oscar crash. So now it’s at 8 gigs, and the site is back up. I’m not going to drive down to their offices in Dallas during my visit to South by Southwest in Austin and do something stupid, but boy, I’d really love to. Their incompetence has been infuriating. Remember these guys and don’t ever, ever do business with them.