“Much too long in gestation, too much expectation, not dishonorable but ultimately unnecessary and disappointingly slack. And of course missing some key players from the original.” — tapped out by “brenkilco” on 8.31.21.

“A dingleberry doodle plot involving memory implants and obscured lineage and a secret no one must know (no one! just ask Jared Leto!) and a little wooden horse with a date (6.10.21) carved into the base, and some shit-hooey about original replicant creator Eldon Tyrell having given Rachael, the experimental replicant played by Sean Young in the ’82 original, the organic potential to reproduce and blah blah. And a narrative pace that will slow your own pulse and make your eyelids flutter and descend, and a growing need to escape into the outer lobby so you can order a hot dog and check your messages.” — posted on 8.30.21.

“Fucking way too long” — Ridley Scott, quoted in the Telegraph.