It’s not cool and not fair for Lia Thomas, the 22 year-old transgender swimmer who yesterday won the women’s 500-yard freestyle race and thereby became the first transgender woman to win an NCAA swimming championship, to compete against women who were born that way.

Thomas’s natural athletic superiority — built like a dude, taller, stronger, big shoulders — clearly give her an advantage over female competitors. The NCAA honchos who paved the way for Thomas and others like her to compete are helping to destroy women’s sports. It’s really not right.

Thomas is like the robot pitcher in that 1960 Twilight Zone episode, “The Mighty Casey.” Imagine if a race of human-resembling aliens with extraordinary athletic abilities had landed on earth and decided to complete in men’s sports, and started winning everything — this is what Thomas is doing.

She’s not a “woman” — she’s a dude who’s taken hormone therapy and announced that she’s trans. but still enjoys the advantage of her natural male strength.