The word on Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana (Warner Bros., 11.23) is gaining, building…taking a surprising turn. And right at the top of the really-recommended list is the performance by Fat Clooney. I love that name…that’s what’s been missing all along…a pot belly…a belly like a bowl of jello…tell him to drop the “George,” stay fat as a cow and totally become this other guy. “Fat Clooney is one of the greatest things you’ll see in a movie all year,” claims a reputable journo- acquaintance. “They’ve had some Syriana screenings…at least two that I know of”…Cynthia Swartz says it’s been shown only to people who can’t wait…”and I thought the film was fucking fantastic. F.X. Feeney tells me it’s his favorite of the year so far. It struck me as Traffic before the script got developed and slightly defanged. It’s political, as you said, but more than that…it’s angry. Very, very angry.”