The writing has been on the wall for Harrison Ford‘s downturn for years. I saw it coming when he turned down the Michael Douglas part in Traffic, and now he’s finally burned himself out with audiences because he won’t divert from doing the same old well-made but tired formula films like Firewall. Plus he’s just looking too grandfatherly to be the older hero type. So it’s downshift time and it happens to the best of them. It happened to Redford and Newman. (I think Newman handled it the best of all with his character parts, etc. Redford seems to be somewhere between over and treading water.) But the Harrison Ford of Clear and Present Danger (the best film he’s made in the last twelve years, I feel) is over the hill and gone for good, I’m afraid. He just needs to start playing crochety older guys, is all. Or start taking offers from the indie sector. Not a terrible thing, and hitting it in the right kind of indie film could bring him back, in a sense.