There are two gorillas among the Best Foreign-Language Film contenders: Gavin Hood’s Tsotsi (Miramax), a South African film which I loved and wrote wrote about September from the Toronto Film Festival, and Christian Carion’s Joyeux Noel (Sony Classics, 3.6), the French entry that I saw in Cannes last May and didn’t much care for. There’s also Lajos Koltai’s excellent Fateless (Thinkfilm, from Hungary), Marc Rothemund’s Sophie Scholl (from Germany), Kwang-Hyun Park’s Welcome to Dongmakgol (from South Korea), Hany Abu-Assad’s Paradise Now (Palestine), Fabiane Beilinsky’s The Aura (from Argentina), Kaige Chen’s The Promise< (from China) and Anders Thomas Jensen's Adam’s Apples (from Denmark). When all’s said and done, I’m guessing Tsotsi will probably win. Other predictions? If I’m wrong, tell me why.