There doesn’t seem to be any denying that the buying of movie ads in newspapers is starting to taper off and that the studio marketers are looking more and more to digital ads on niche internet websites. In last week’s Nikki Finke column (“Hollywood to Newsosaurs: Drop Dead”) in the L.A. Weekly, it was asserted that “every major movie studio is rethinking its reliably humongous display ad buys in [newspapers] because those newsosaur readers are, to quote one mogul, ‘older and elitist’ compared to younger, low-brow filmgoers — so it makes no sense to waste the dough.” Finke also claimed that “at least two Hollywood movie studios have decided to drastically cut their newspaper display ads as soon as possible.” And then came a report by Joel Topcik in today’s New York Times that pounded the nail in further. Topcik observed that while “web advertisements will not eclipse print and broadcast ads anytime soon” (the industry spent about 2.2 percent of its 2004 ad budgets online), there’s a kind of sea change underway in which “blanket ad purchases seem ready to decline in tandem with box office receipts with studios [looking] more and more to the internet to find audiences. Westport, Connecticut-based marketing consultant Joseph Jaffe says buying online ads with the right sites is “the opposite of buying a spread in a newspaper or a slew of 30-second slots on TV…studios need to stop trying to reach the most people and focus on reaching the best people.”