On Tuesday, 10.12, a 4K Ultra HD disc of The Guns of Navarone will be available from Sony. All hail the 60th anniversary of a classic that’s pretty great until Gregory Peck and the team reach the top of the cliff, and then the tension dissipates, the commandos start killing too many Germans, and it becomes an in-and-outer.

Three good scenes follow — interrogation with Anthony Quinn faking cowardice + the uncovering of the traitor + waiting for the elevator to make contact with the wires and explode the whole fortress. But they kill too many Germans.

I already own a 4K UHD digital version on Amazon so what’s the physical media version likely to yield? Perhaps a slightly richer resolution, but you can only uprez and refine 35mm materials so much.

Presented in 4K resolution from the original camera negative, with HDR10. A long list of extras, including a “narration-free prologue” and “a message from Carl Foreman.”

156 minutes. 4K UHD Feature Picture: 2160p Ultra High Definition, 2.35:1 4K UHD Feature Audio: English Dolby Atmos (Dolby TrueHD 7.1 Compatible) | English 5.1 DTS-HD MA | English 4.0 DTS-HD MA.