There’s a choice tonight between an all-media screening of Barry Sonnenfeld‘s RV (Columbia, 4.28), the new Robin Williams family comedy which looks like an absolute masterwork (you can sorta kinda tell from the website), or an Academy showing of a restored black-and-white Scope print of Jack Cardiff‘s Sons and Lovers (1960), an adaptation of a D.H. Lawrence work that costars Dean Stockwell, Trevor Howard and Wendy Hiller. (I’d forgotten it was nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Picture.) And…uhmm, I think I’ll try and catch the Williams film at a plex this weekend, or on a plane five months from now. The RV tracking shows a 73% awareness, 29% definite interest and 7% first choice. Williams’ career has been going downhill over the last ten years, and — let’s face it — he’s basically over as any kind of box-office draw. He’s not where Jim Carrey or Adam Sandler or Vince Vaughn are, and everyone knows this. (I’m not gloating — it’s just fact.) Sons and Lovers is being shown under the auspices of an ongoing Academy program called “Great To be Nominated.”