There’s a guy I spoke to last night who complained that I’ve spoiled his enjoyment of the first episode of the new Sopranos season by saying something heavy happens in this episode (debuting Sunday, 3.12, on HBO). I provided no details at all…not the slightest dandelion-fuzz of a hint…but for Mr. Bitch-and-Moaner just knowing something or other will happen is a serious problem. Well, he also needs to call Variety‘s Brian Lowry and let him have it. Lowry’s review of the first four episodes, posted late yesterday (Wednesday, 3.8), gives almost nothing away but it does say “there is a genuine surprise in the premiere.” And USA Today‘s Robert Bianco has referred to a “shocking and yet completely in-character twist that propels Sunday’s premiere” in a 3.9.06 review. And the Paul Brownfield has written that “Sunday night’s debut ends in stunning fashion.”