There’s no rejoicing in Mudville over the weekend’s box-office tallies, and particularly Wallace & Gromit‘s $4.2 million on Friday, which indicates a $13 or $14 million weekend…along those lines. Industry spitballers looked at the tracking and figured it would do a lot better…in the vicinity of at least $20 million, if not higher. And something is certainly wrong with the world when Flightplan, a movie that loses its grip in the final act and is now in its third week (having opened 9.23), nudges out In Her Shoes, $3.1 million to $3 million per Friday’s reported estimates. It looks like Shoes is heading for a $10 or $11 million weekend at best, and possibly a bit lower, which is a good $5 or $6 million lower than what handicappers were projecting. And Two for the Money, that piece-of-shit Al Pacino deranged-mentor gambling movie, registers the same $3 million Friday haul as In Her Shoes…? Nice going, U.S. ticket buyers. Don’t consider quality…just watch the TV ads and go with your gut. Hey!