Brokeback Mountain opened in Portland, Maine, today,” writes resident Chris Gray. “I got out of work at 9 pm in hopes of making a 9:40 pm show just five minutes away, and there was a line around the block. Sold out, as was the show before that. A friend called me from inside the theater before it began and said he feels like part of a big cultural sensation. Granted, this is a much more bohemian town than most, but we’re hardly motivated enough to sell out a movie theater with such exclamation. I’m ready to bargain that I won’t be able to see Brokeback Mountain if I try until the last showing Sunday night.”
These stories about Brokeback Mountain getting suddenly pulled from theatres [see below] in both Salt Lake City and Pulsbo, Washington, are terrific. I love it when the red brigades get all morally adamant and dig in their heels…it’s good drama. Ang Lee’s film moved into 215 new theatres yesterday (Friday, 1.6). If there are any new incidents happening anywhere else in the country, please advise.