So Knowing was #1 yesterday with $8,950,000, but the word-of-mouth may be sinking it today with I Love You, Man, which came in second with $6,350,000, poised to take the top slot. Or maybe not. I’m guessing that the three-day Knowing figure will be closer to $21 or $22 million rather than $25 million, and Man might top the $20 million mark.

And Tony Gilroy‘s Duplicity — arguably the best of the three (or certainly the best made) — will come in a distant third. The Clive Owen-Julia Roberts espionage drama earned $4,700,000 yesterday and may end up with $13 or $14 million by Sunday night. So again Roberts hasn’t opened a film, or certainly not big-time. I’d say her fee should be adjusted to $5 million per film now — no more. My two kids don’t like her, and my ex-wife dislikes her. I don’t like her either but I respect her combativeness in the same way I respect a power-hitter in baseball.