Almost every ATM I’ve used in this country, Europe and/or Africa (and we’re talking hundreds) has refused to give me the cash until I withdraw the debit card, which always quickly spits out after you punch in the data. Bank of America ATMS are the only ones in the world that give you the cash first and then, very slowly, spit the card out.

The B of A people know that people who are scatterbrained and in a hurry tend to grab the cash and run and forget the card. They obviously know this, and for years they’ve refused to change the machines so they’ll work like all the others.

As I’m scatterbrained and always in a hurry, I’ve lost ATM cards four or five times with the help of Bank of America technology. This happened three weeks ago and again today, and both times when I tried to retrieve the cards from the B of A staffers in the adjoining bank they’d disappeared. My fault, of course, but it’s really B of A’s.

Pet peeve #2: People who get into their car inside a crowded parking structure, obviously aware that a driver is waiting to take their spot when they leave, and don’t leave. They get into the car and futz around, taking their sweet time before finally (sometimes a full minute or 90 seconds later) starting the car and backing out. And the guy/gal looking to take the spot is still waiting and blocking other cars, and no one thinks to go around him/her and before you know it it’s a total logjam with nothing happening, all because of the guy sitting in in his car and doing nothing. I never do this. When I get into my car in a crowded parking lot I get the hell out of there right away so as not to cause trouble.

But being able to beat L.A. traffic on the scooter is such a joy. I can get around almost twice as quickly as I can in the car.