Industry friend: A colleague was at the Academy’s Goldwyn theatre yesterday and put up a reel of 2001:A Space Odyssey and found no problems. I have no idea what you saw [at the Academy on Monday night], as I spoke with someone else last night, a director, who was also there, and he thought it looked fine.

Me: I know exactly what I saw, and those guys are either lazy or clueless or full of it…or are looking for simplicity and calm in their lives and “don’t want to know.” The 2001 images I saw Monday night were dark, inky, shadowy and underwhelming. An array of visual values captured by Stanley Kubrick 45 years ago were almost completely unmanifested and unrealized. You couldn’t savor any of the hairs on the ape coats. No exceptional specificity to speak of.

I went home and watched my 2001 Bluray….finally, the way it’s supposed to look!

Your two pallies are just being polite or bland or whatever. I wouldn’t take their word for anything henceforth. I know what I saw. I hate people who work in this industry and are therefore presumed to know a thing or two, and then you show them something and they go “huh? really? I didn’t notice that.”

Industry friend: I need to ask the obvious question, only because [my colleague] said what he saw after a timing session. Did you take off your sunglasses?

Me: Yes, my sunglasses were off and stuffed in my breast pocket.