The buzz on Armando Ianucci‘s Veep (HBO, 4.22) keeps building and building. Have I been industrious and aggressive enough to wangle a screener? Of course not. Why should I devote 30 to 45 minutes of concentrated calling and letter-writing, etc.? I’d much rather web-surf and daydream and meander my way through the day. Pleading eats up too much energy.

In his 4.13 review, The Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman says that Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘s performance as former Sen. Selina Meyer is “perhaps her best post-Seinfeld role,” and that “she takes to it with such fervor — the constant swearing, the barely veiled desire to become president, the unhappy give-and-take with other politicians and a delightful disdain for average citizens — that you can’t help but applaud what is clearly an Emmy-worthy effort.

“Every actor nails their lines, which keeps Veep moving at a brisk pace. In fact, the episodes seem to end so quickly, you’ll wish they lasted an hour.

“Iannucci hasn’t quite created a character as momentously awesome as The Thick of It‘s angry, foul-mouthed buzzsaw Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi), but Veep hits on all cylinders, even with small roles such as that of the senator who swats down a trial balloon from the veep’s office by saying, ‘I imagine I’d mix ape-shit with bat-shit, raise it to a whole new level of fury, and then I’d probably rip your face off and use your eye sockets as a sex toy.'”