“Once upon a time in Louisiana, waaaaay back in early October 2009 when we were all 20 months younger and our hearts were lighter and Barack Obama was about nine months into the first year of his administration, I visited the Shreveport set of Rod Lurie‘s Straw Dogs…”

Red River (yes, the same one that John Wayne and Montgomery Clift crossed) adjacent to the Sumner house used for Rod Lurie’s Straw Dogs.

I’m sorry but it’s very hard for me to write up a set-visit story that happened this long ago. I tried to do it about an hour ago and I gave up soon after. The spigots won’t turn on.

I was told not to file anything story-wise during my Shreveport visit, although I posted a photo piece on 10.2. Two or three weeks ago I was told I could finally post. Straw Dogs is set to open in September 2011 and early-bird press screenings will be happening this summer so it’s time to start building awareness, etc. But I can’t find a way back into it. The experience aroma has to be fresh in my nostrils, or it has to be many years old.