Sarah Silverman‘s “I’m f—ing Matt Damon” video was inspired stuff, and then came Jimmy Kimmel‘s “I’m f—ing Ben Affleck,” a tit-for-tat that was even more hilarious. But that’s enough, I think.

Meaning that “I’m f—ing Seth Rogen”, a video in the exact same vein that may have been the creative brainchild of Zack and Miri Make a Porno costar Elizabeth Banks (and not director Kevin Smith) doesn’t make it. It’s too imitative and not clever enough. If they wanted to get a fast satirical bounce off the Silverman video, fine, but they should have shot it and gotten it online immediately after it surfaced. It’s too late now. Kimmel beat them to it. You have to move fast these days. Hours count. Days can be fatal.
The Zack and Miri version (exclusive on Quick Stop Entertainment) is about Banks (or the character she’s playing in the film) lamenting that she’s obliged to “do” Rogen in order to pay the rent and get work. This is funny? Rogen’s a very cool guy — smart, successful, funny, connected. It may not have been believable that a slacker he portrayed in Knocked Up could score with Katherine Heigel‘s E! reporter, but Rogen on his own real-life terms is a different story.
Zack and Miri Make a Porno (Weinstein Co., opening later this year) costars Traci Lords, Craig Robinson, Jeff Anderson, Katie Morgan and Ricky Mabe. It’s been described as “a decidedly NSFW cautionary tale about just what it takes to get ahead in Hollywood.” The acronym NSFW means “not sympathetic or fair to WASPs.”