Thanks to The Playlist‘s Simon Dang for his mildly funny posting of what’s being hailed as the “first behind-the-scenes production still” of Jessica Chastain on the set of Terrence Malick ‘s The Tree Of Life, pictured with a “crew member.” Both of them silhouetted within an inch of their lives, like it’s a joke or something.

How does Dang (or rather the guy who sent it to him, “Graham from Minnesota”) know it’s a crew member? it could be Brad Pitt or Malick’s teenage cousin or a pizza delivery guy. How do we know it’s Chastain for that matter? This could be a shot of Kate Winslet and a producer (or a pizza delivery guy) on the set of Revolutionary Road.

The Tree of Life will presumably have its preem at the Venice Film Festival and then the Toronto Film Festival, followed by a theatrical debut in November. It will mark the first time in the history of either of these festivals in which a respected world-class auteur unveils a film involving two major-league actors (Pitt, Sean Penn ) and dinosaurs. Never before, in other words, has anyone dared or dreamed to offer this particular combination at either of these festivals.