The creative minds behind this Campbell’s Soup ad are obviously expressing an opinion about (a) the sick guy’s wife/girlfriend and (b) modern relationships in general. They’re saying she’s a nice spirited bitch and that the days of being taken care of by your girlfriend/wife are over. The woman in the ad cares enough to ask the guy how he’s feeling but is too independent-minded and opposed to the idea of being an old-fashioned nurturer to make the poor guy some chicken soup. “You should call your mom” is pretty close to saying “and you think I’m going to stop what I’m doing and make you some chicken soup? Sorry, dude…I’ve got stuff to do and a life to live!” Imagine if the roles were reversed and it’s a sick wife-girlfriend mentioning the chicken-soup remedy to her husband/boyfriend and he goes, “Oh, okay…well, you should call your mom then!” and walks out the door. The universal response would be that the guy is a selfish asshole. The last shot of the guy making soup for himself conveys solitude and despondency. He’s thinking to himself, “Yeah, we get along pretty well and she’s got a lot of good qualities, but she can also be aloof at times. When I get better I might give my ex-girlfriend a call. Maybe go for a drink or something.” The woman is saying to herself, “I gotta lose this guy. All he does is mope around and wait for me to wait on him. I need a real man in my life, and by that I mean somebody’s who’s better at satisfying me sexually.” Narrator: “Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup — there when no one else is…made for real, real life.”