David O. Russell‘s Silver Linings Playbook won another audience award yesterday. The 20th Hamptons International Film Festival was the bequeather on the heels of last month’s Toronto Film Festival audience award. It appears as if Hamptons and Toronto film lovers need to be straightened out, possibly by In Contention‘s Kris Tapley, Awards Daily‘s Sasha Stone plus any other Silver Linings pooh-pooher who want to join in.

What do Hamptons-residing filmgoers know anyway? Just a bunch of well-to-do lah-lahs lying around on their divans and drinking Merlot. Perhaps we need to set up a community Skype chat in which Kris and Sasha can explain what they’re missing or what’s not good enough about Russell’s film? Followed by a q & a with Hamptons film lovers? One way or another the air needs to be cleared and the rubes need to be schooled.

Janet TobiasNo Place on Earth, a documentary about caves in the Ukraine that sheltered Jews during World War II, took the Hamptons’ documentary audience award.