According to this 3.26 N.Y. Times story by Jesse McKinley, grubby-ass little “Hoovervilles” are springing up around the country to an extent that…well, that they’re warranting a story in the N.Y. Times. I could take this if things got really bad. I don’t need no Bernard Madoff McMansion. I’ll be fine as long as I have plenty of electricity for my wifi, my two computers, my scanner, my chargers, my microwave, my toaster, my coffee-bean grinder and enough space for my 42″ plasma and Bluray player. And a glass-shelved TV table to hold all this stuff.

And room for chairs, tables, a futon, blankets, cups, plates, silverware, towels, canvas chairs, etc. Plus my suitcases. And some place to park the motorcycle.