“This is not a movie that is likely to draw many people who don’t agree with its premise,” writes Time‘s Karen Tumulty in her piece that pays a certain attention to Al Gore‘s An Inconvenient Truth, but is more taken with the ex-Vice President’s newfound movie-celebrity aura that came from his promoting Truth at the Cannes Film Festival last week. The above quote essentially passes along the notion that the incontrovertible evidence that global warming has reached a very critical stage is (here we go again) a debatable premise. This is appalling irresponsible horseshit on Tumulty’s and Time‘s part, and a prime example of how mainstream corporate-owned media, in the name of being “fair” and “balanced” and airing both sides of an issue, spins the Big Lie. As long as equivocating fence-sitters keep saying that global warming is debatable and that there’s another way to look at it (i.e., the proverbial Bush-Cheney view that we don’t want to go off half-cocked, that we’ve got fat incomes to consider, that there’s time to sort things out without radically changing course, that things aren’t as bad as Gore and the greenheads say), the carbon alcoholics who are dug into their denial foxholes about their energy-consuming lifestyles will have a rationale to cling to. As Gore says in the film, scientific journals are unanimous about global warming, but when you read mainstream media the fudging kicks in. Nice work, guys. Keep it up.