This is three-week-old news, but DV Republic is claiming that the great Harry Belafonte (whom I met during the junket of White Man’s Burden, and whose come-what-may candor I found enormously appealing) was disinvited from funeral services for Coretta Scott King because of the attendance of President George Bush, according to “reliable sources.” Belafonte’s been a tough critic of Bush policies in recent weeks, and apparently was kept from the funeral “in deference to Bush’s comfort.” Belafonte was one of
the first big-time celebs to join forces with Martin Luther King in the early ’60s, and “not only contributed his celebrity to the cause, he marched shoulder to shoulder with Dr. King, and provided critical financial support during the movement and after King’s assassination,” according to DV Republic’s story. If the disinvite story is true, it easily qualifies as the most disgusting revelation I’ve heard in a long while, and shame on whomever’s responsible.