CONTAINS MASSIVE SPOILERS: “Saw Widows at Academy last Sunday. Room half empty. Whole cast, producer, director, etc. for the q and a. Half of the room left before they spoke.

Consensus: Too many plot holes. Big suspension of disbelief of both the Neeson character and the widows arc. Neeson has a passionate relationship with Viola, but we find out he’s sleeping with/in love with some other pasty white chick. Huh? Because their son was half black and was murdered. Her fault? Huh?

“He kills his whole crew, friends and comrades for decades. Huh? Just for the 2 million? He certainly seems talented enough to get it another way. Not believable.

Question: How did he manage to set up the van explosions without anyone noticing? Put in a life-size dummy in the front seat without anyone noticing? Sneak the satchel of $2 mil by the whole team without anyone noticing?

More: Do we buy these four women being capable of learning how to pull off a complicated heist in one or two weeks? No. Load and shoot glocks in minutes. No. Etc. etc.

“Additional problems: Robert Duvall overacting. Ouch. Lots of spitting. Way too hammy. Colin Farrell trying to find the way to deal with this in their scenes together. Just struggles. Tough.

“The script was too uneven. Felt like ten different people writing it. Ten different tones. And the flashy technical direction — why are we listening to an entire conversation of people in a car while watching the corner of the hood?” [HE interjection: I loved that shot.]

“It’s all over the place. The script wasn’t ready. Steve McQueen got a great editor, great dp, and his previous work got him terrific actors, but they couldn’t save a plot that had no ground floor.”