Henry Alex Rubin‘s Disconnect (4.19) “tells three mostly separate stories concerned with the impact of the internet on its characters’ lives with the focus on (a) a young boy (Jonah Bobo‘s Ben) who becomes the victim of cyberbullying, (b) a couple (Alexander Skarsgard‘s Derek and Paula Patton‘s Cindy) whose identity is stolen, and (c) a twentysomething (Max Thieriot‘s Kyle) who makes his living taking his clothes off online.

“Rubin, working from a script by Andrew Stern, has infused Disconnect with an inherently engrossing feel that proves instrumental in the movie’s success, with the impressive list of performers — Jason Bateman, Hope Davis and Andrea Riseborough among others — merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of the film’s many, many pleasures. The almost disorienting atmosphere of the outset, perpetuated by the separate storylines and Rubin’s patience in allowing things to unfold, gives way to a palpably spellbinding feel that persists virtually without interruption right through to the emotionally devastating conclusion.” — David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews.