Risky Biz blog’s Anne Thompson has written that a “juicy Rush & Molloy gossip [item] about Sienna Miller‘s Factory Girl canoodling with Hayden Christensen” — the item alleged that Miller and Christensen literally did the deed while filming a love scene — “reeks of a gossip column plant designed to drive curiosity seekers to check out the movie.”

Maybe, but not on George Hickenlooper‘s part. I checked with the Factory Girl director about Rush & Molloy’s reporting, and he says (a) it’s dead wrong and (b) running such an item degrades Miller and Christensen’s dignity.

“This story in the Daily News is completely untrue,” he said. “There was no sexual intimacy during the filming of this scene. Sienna and Hayden are actors. The physicality of the scene was completely simulated. So I completely deny the claims. I know — I was in the room with them.

“Here are the details of how I was misquoted. After the Factory Girl premiere, I went to the part where I was cornered by George Rush. There he kept persisting that there were stories about Hayden and Sienna having sex while we were shooting. What I told him is that I don’t ever deign to comment on questions like that because they are insulting. He kept asking about Hayden and Sienna’s romantic relationship and I said to him I don’t comment on the personal lives of my cast (as I have consistently done with respect to Sienna over the past two years). He asked if Sienna and Hayden were close, I replied that we were all close while making the film.”

Rush & Molloy reported today that that “of course, Sienna Miller [has] denied she and her Factory Girl co-star and then-boyfriend Hayden Christensen actually had sex on camera, as several knowledgeable sources told us this week. She was standing next to her parents when we asked her.

“We suggest anyone who doubts it go see Hickenlooper’s vision of Warhol girl Edie Sedgwick, which opens today. We freeze-framed the movie’s hot spots (as rigorous journalism demands), and there’s no question Sienna and Hayden are deep into their roles.”