Now that Matt Tyrnauer‘s Studio 54 is playing on both coasts and some have presumably seen it, what are the reactions? There’s no way I’ve oversold or overpraised it but does anyone think I might have? Is it mostly an older person’s nostalgia trip or is there some interest among 20- and 30somethings? It made around $28K at Manhattan’s IFC Center after a week; the Los Angeles Nuart booking began last night.

Here’s a chat I did with Tyrnauer 10 or 11 days ago.

“Imagine going to a nightclub and immediately rubbing shoulders with stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce. You’re served drinks by half-naked barmen. There are elaborate theatrical-style musical performances from the stage and sex and drugs on tap. Meanwhile, getting inside isn’t merely determined by if you can afford to pay, but if the club owner thinks you have the right look and if you’re ultra-cool enough. And it doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, transgender, or gender fluid — you’re free to just be, how ever you want to express yourself. That — and so much more — is what the iconic Studio 54 was like.

“One of the two co-owners, Steve Rubell, was savage when it came to deciding who was cool enough to get in. ‘You’re not shaved, there’s no way…you’re gonna get in…listen, just go home,” he said to one would-be partygoer. ‘That hat…don’t ever come here with a hat,’ he said to another.” — Hollywood Life‘s Bonnie Fuller, posted on 10.12.