I’ll be leaving for Paris at dawn on Friday morning, so there’s today, Wednesday and Thursday. And there’s no bus leaving early enough, I’ve just discovered, to get me to Nice airport by 7 am. Plus I’m having some trouble — an internal debate — about the drive and desire to see Aki Kurasmaki‘s Le Havre.

Carlton beach pier.

L.A. Weekly critic Karina Longworth, Brigade publicist Emily Lu at today’s N.Y. Film Festival party at Stella Artois/Carlton beach.

Lincoln Center Film Society honcho Rose Kuo, Hollywood Reporter critic Todd McCarthy.

Note: I’ve been experience photo-[psting coding issues. For whatever reason the standard coding that I’ve been using for years to post a photo occasionally disintegrates and causes a chain-reaction coding disintegration that ripples through the whole column. So I have to eliminate this or that photo until I find the problem.

Bellfower producer Vincent Grasha, South by Southwest honcho Janet Pierson, Indiewire critic Eric Kohn at NY Film Festival party.