“Too much of today’s left is too busy pointing out the ugliness of the Trumpian right to notice its own ugliness: its censoriousness, nastiness and complacent self-righteousness.

“But millions of ordinary Americans see it, and they won’t vote for a candidate who emboldens and empowers woke culture. The Democrat who breaks with that culture, as Clinton did in 1992 over Sister Souljah and Obama did in October over ‘cancel culture,’ is the one likeliest to beat Trump.” — N.Y. Times columnist Bret Stephens in a 12.26 post titled “What Will It Take to Beat Donald Trump?

In other words, if the Democrats nominate a strident, doctrinaire lefty who winks at the Robespierres, they’re toast.

Hmmmm, let’s see. Who among the top five Democratic presidential contenders is progressive but practical minded in a moderate sort of way, and is less than beholden to the concept of wokester beheadings and witch-dunkings, and has even conveyed an understanding of where conservative, Christian-minded voters are coming from?