There’s an Impeach Bush and Cheney office set up in West Hollywood now (8124 W. 3rd St., Ste #216, Los Angeles CA 90048), and until last week I was thinking “okay, nice sentiment but you’re dreaming.” But then three things happened in rapid succession that changed my thinking.
First was the Scooter Libby commutation the weekend before last, and then being floored by the Bush-Cheney record of arrogance and stupidity as I watched No End in Sight last Friday night, and now there’s Bush refusing to allow his aides testify under oath before Congress over the Justice Department firings.
The man is smug, indifferent and blinded by rightist ideology — clearly one of the all-time worst U.S. presidents in the nation’s history. And yet the conventional thinking is that an impeachment drive is out of the question. The problem, sad to say, is that Democrats legislators aren’t made of sterner stuff. Bill Clinton came close to getting put out of office by impeachment for next to nothing — i.e, because he lied about getting a blowjob — but that didn’t stop the Republicans from pushing this issue for months and months and nearly bringing the executive branch to a standstill because of it.