Halloween is tracking at 83, 40 and 17, which makes it a candidate for $20 million this weekend, maybe a bit more. Balls of Fury is running 73, 35 and 10….a likely $7 or $8 million, certainly not more than $10 million. Kevin Bacon‘s Death Sentence is looking low — 40, 31 and 2.

3:10 to Yuma has improved — 43, 32 and 5. And this is an urban sample, which is significant in that westerns always play better in shit-kicker territories. Shoot Em Up — the other big actioner opening on 9.7. — is now lagging behind Yuma with 38, 32 and 2. Why is it eating Yuma‘s dust at this stage? Because Shoot ‘Em Up star Clive Owen “is a very good actor but he’s very cold and he’s not a star,” a marketing guy said this morning. “No following, doesn’t sell tickets.”

The Brothers Solomon is at 27, 20 and 1…sluggish.

The Brave One, the Jodie Foster vigilante movie, has improved since the last report, and this is from a combined male-female sample. It’s now at 48, 31 and 3. Urban women seem to be the core market. The general tendency with role reversal movies is that they attract the same sex as the lead player.

Dragon War is at 27, 21 and 1. Mr. Woodcock is running 40,.25 and 1 Across the Universe isn’t tracking at all…..10, 32 and 2.

David Cronenberg‘s Eastern Promises (Focus Features) is at 15, 23 and 0. But the ad campaign only began today.

Good Luck Chuck is at 54, 32 and 3….not bad for a film three weeks from opening. That’s probably due to Dane Cook ebing in the lead.

Resident Evil is at 62, 36 and 5. And Universal’s Sydney White is at 25, 29 and 2.