An MSNBC reporter in Scranton said this morning he’d recently spoken to a middle-aged woman who’s still undecided about Obama-McCain, still wants to know more, etc. Meaning, of course, that she’s (a) profoundly uncurious or otherwise lazy, (b) intellectually challenged, or (c) would rather not say what she’s actually thinking to a TV reporter. (Or a combination of all three.) Most voters of her ilk are probably going to break for McCain, which might mean a final national lead for Obama in the range of six or seven points rather than nine or ten when all is said and done.

Then the reporter spoke about John MCain planning to hold a rally tomorrow evening in Putzville, Pennsylvania, and my mood immediately brightened. For 15 or 20 seconds. Until I did a search and saw how the town’s name is actually spelled. If only!