Eight days ago (i.e. 12.28) Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that The Interview had taken in $15 million in online rentals and sales in the United States and Canada, thus making it “Sony Pictures #1 online film of all time.” Around 2 pm today Deadline‘s Jen Yamato announced that The Interview is still the company’s #1 online film of all time with $31 million earned from 4.3 million online transactions. (I’m not clear if the Interview‘s $5 million in theatrical rentals is part of this figure.) What comparable online sales and rental figures have been earned by other films? Has another straight-to-online film ever topped $20 million, much less that $30 million? It’s hard to find data but I’m guessing that The Interview might be the Ultimate King-Kong Downloader…the biggest online feature hit in cyber history. The Interview is still a loser, of course, with production costs around $44 million not to mention a marketing tab in the tens of millions.