Asked to explain his undecided mindset about the upcoming Presidential election, internet sensation Ken Bone, obviously a bright fellow, told Jimmy Kimmel last night that he’s “more undecided than ever.” If that was all Bone had said I would find his position reprehensible given the absolute odiousness of voting for Donald Trump. But then Bone elaborated. On one hand he wants the fossil-fuel industry (for which he works) to thrive and thereby hasten the melting of the poles and the flooding of cities, which is why he’s half-inclined to vote for Trump. But he also finds the notion of taking away the rights of certain peoples and tribes “unconscionable” and is therefore more of a Hillary Clinton guy. And yet when it comes to saving his fossil-fuel income it’s possible Bone might accommodate himself to this or that unconscionable policy. He’s just not sure. He needs to think it through. On top of which he’s a Jabba. I’m sorry but Ken Bone has had his 48 hours. That’ll do, I think.