To all those thoughtful movie-loving righties who wrote in doubting the veracity of the claims in Al Gore’s global-warming movie An Inconvenient Truth, I have this reply: if you don’t want to believe something, you can usually figure some way of doing that under the guise of subjectivism. Where there’s a will, there’s a way…right? The scientific and geological data “isn’t in yet” on global warming and the president of Iran says the holocaust never happened. I think we all understand that righties don’t want to buy into global warming. They want profiteering from any and all sectors of the economy (particularly the oil-based sector) to continue full blast, and they’re pretty dug in as far as waving away the scientific data and the writing on the wall, which has been recognized by scientific authorities and governments the world over. Excluding the Bush-Cheney gang, of course, with their financial ties to the oil industry. And most politicians are convinced they will be voted out if they tell their constituents they’re going to have to modify or reconfigure their lavish lifestyles for the greater ecological good, and a significant portion of the mainstream reporting media continues to muddy the waters as to the facts of the matter. At this stage of the game and knowing what I know (or have no logical reason to disbelieve), the view that global warming is a liberal fiction embraced by Gore and various leftie extremists is simply not reasonable or tenable. The science is in and as far as I can discern, there’s no comprehensive factual basis for arguing that Al Gore’s global-warming slide show or Davis Guggenheim’s film lies or skirt the facts.