I feel the same about Paramount Home Video’s To Catch A Thief Bluray as DVD Beaver’s Gary Tooze and Bluray.com’s Martin Leibman. It’s luscious and lascivious, every shot a spoonful of exquisite French sorbet. Robert BurksOscar-winning cinematography has never delivered this much tonal pleasure.

But the disc I was given has a sound synch problem, I regret to say. I told the p.r. guys that there’s nothing wrong with my Bluray player or the sound synch on any of the other Blurays or DVDs I own — only this one. They said they’d send another one over but they didn’t, so I feel it’s only fair to point this out. And let’s face it — unsynched sound is a huge roadblock. You’ll notice the problem when the camera cuts to a CU of Cary Grant saying “something more formal.”