On 2.23.11, or roughly 16 months ago, everyone ran the first official photo (a pastoral shot of Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams) from Terrence Malick‘s Oklahoma-shot drama that was once referred to as The Burial and is now called To The Wonder. After the basics my caption read as follows: “Pic wrapped in late ’10, and is expected in theatres sometime in 2013. Okay, I’m kidding but anyone who expects to see this puppy before fall 2012 is probably dreaming.”

Yesterday The Hollywood Reporter‘s Eric J. Lyman reported that Venice Film Festival director Alberto Barbera is calling it “likely” that this nearly-two-year-old Malick film will turn up in Venice three months hence along with Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master and Brian De Palma‘s Passion. I was joking about the Malick opening in 2013, but is there any locked-down assurance that To The Wonder will open before 12.31.12? Just asking.