Beware of the “safeties,” or anyone who uses the term “I need to feel safe.” They are truly people to be feared. Because recent history has shown us that anyone who says “I need to feel safe” is often ready and willing to slit your digital throat if they’ve decided that something you’ve said or written has made them feel unsafe.

Make no mistake — these people are ready to bring death to attain the right kind of fulfillment.

Life in the big, bad world is generally an uncertain environment in terms of absolute feelings of security. There are all kinds of monsters and bugaboos ready to hurt you or steal your money or poison your food or get you fired from your job. Feelings of safety come and go, for the most part. I feel safe at midnight when I lock the door and turn out the lights, but when I go on twitter I feel like a deer in a forest filled with lions, tigers and bears.