Speaking as a major O.J. Simpson murder trial enthusiast and one who has seen six of the ten hours of the forthcoming The People vs. O.J. Simpson (FX series debuting on February 2nd) and as one who will attend Sundance 2016, I’m very much looking forward to seeing ESPN’s OJ: Made in America, a doc that runs 7 and 1/2 hours. Unfortunately the doc is being shown in Park City during a single marathon on Friday, 1.22, complete with a lunch break and post-screening q & a. Which isn’t going to work. I can’t devote a whole day to this — I would miss too many other screenings. If ESPN were smart, they would screen O.J.: Made in America to select LA and NY press before the festival. I would love to get into this but the first Friday of Sundance is always full of the hottest films. If ESPN won’t pre-screen it, how about a second marathon showing on Thursday, 1.28 or Friday, 1.29, when things will be much quieter?