Fran Lebowitz to Bill Maher last night: “I hate to agree with Bernie Sanders, whom I cannot stand…”

Maher: “Not Bernie or Biden?”

Lebowitz: “And by the way, they’re both way too old to be President, okay?”

When the audience applauds in agreement, Maher turns and shouts “Shut the fuck up! That is such a prejudice!”

Lebowitz: “It’s common sense. Let me tell you something — these guys are too old to drive. All right?”

Maher: “No, they’re not.”

Lebowitz: “If you were their son or their daughter, you’d be plotting to take away their keys.”

Maher: “Maybe you’re plotting to be decrepit in your 70s, but I don’t plan on it.”

Lebowitz: “I think a president should be in [his/her] 50s. You’re physically fine and you know pretty much everything you’re going to know. After that you start to forget everything…it’s partly how you treat yourself, and it’s partly genetic.”