I’m presuming that Griselda Blanco, the real-life narco queen played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in Cocaine Godmother, was also the model for Salma Hayek‘s cartel leader Elena Sanchez in Oliver Stone‘s Savages (’12). Set to debut on Lifetime Network on 1.20.18, Cocaine Godmother was directed by cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, who collaborated with Guillermo del Toro on Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy and Pacific Rim, and written by David McKenna (American History X). There’s another biopic about Blanco called The Godmother, which is produced by Nicholas Pileggi. It began shooting two years ago in Puerto Rico, but apparently has no distribution deal. Blanco’s Wikipedia bio is fascinating. Responsible for 200 murders during her heyday in the ’70s and early ’80s, or so it says.