Delroy Lindo, Bill Murray, Glenn Close and Michelle Pfeiffer are all overdue for Oscar recognition. This year they’ve all hit the jackpot in Da 5 Bloods, On The Rocks, Hillbilly Elegy and French Exit, respectively. I’d rather not say who’s the most deserving in this regard. Okay, it’s Close — she’s been nominated six or seven times over the last 40 years. Lindo’s performance as a Trump-supporting Vietnam veteran is fairly locked in. Murray’s performance represents 85% to 90% of On The Rock‘s allure, but I’m not sure it’s on the level of his historic turns in Rushmore and Mad Dog and Glory. Pfeiffer’s 40 years in the business could in themselves validate her “due”-ness. Close, Murray, Lindo and Pfeiffer — that’s my lineup.